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A passion to deliver results

Brighter was founded in 2008 by Creative Director Phil Roberts.

Phil has worked in the design and advertising industry for 15 years. Graduating Central Saint Martins College in London with a Master’s degree in Communication Design, he began his career contracting for UK corporates including The BodyShop and Marks & Spencer.

During the 90s he worked at Barkers Advertising in London designing CD Roms and websites for MCI WorldCom, Cable & Wireless and Barclays Bank.

Later he became Senior Designer at Source where he created an award-winning campaign for health charity, Brook London.

phil roberts talks at ict seminarArriving in New Zealand in 2005 he began as Art Director of Tone magazine then went on to work at some of NZs biggest brand agencies including DDB, Ogilvy and Brave New World until founding Brighter.

He is a regular speaker at public seminars passionately discussing branding, strategy and online marketing. He is also a part-time tutor for the Graphic Design diploma at Media Design School and a guest lecturer at Massey University School of Design.

Our values the core of our business

Before we founded Brighter we honed our craft at an array of design and advertising agencies. More than anything else we noticed that teams who shared the same set of values delivered the most successful and coherent creative work.

The team at Brighter sat down and identified our common values. These values now form the core of our business philosophy:-


We endeavour to to be as transparent as possible with our clients, that includes communicating our process and billing in a clear way. It means that everyone understands where we're going so there are no surprises. We want to share our knowledge with clients, not keep them in the dark. We actively encourage the feedback of our existing clients to benefit our future ones.


High quality thinking, high quality finished products. We don't compete on price but we do know that we are competitive and excellent value for money. We compete on quality, that's quality of ideas and quality of output. Brighter is an agency that delivers websites that work, advertising that's effective and graphic design that is well thought through. But we don’t let you take our word for it, we actually show you some examples during your free consultation.

Return On Investment (ROI)

We're focused on your ROI. Our team have experience in marketing and retail so they know what entices sales and this helps us generate relevant and appropriate design solutions that are effective — not just pretty pictures.

Our role

We're here to work with your business. During your free consultation we'll listen to your ideas about where you want your business to go and advise on the best solution to get you there. It's just an informal chat, there's no obligation and it’s confidential.

Educate and advise

You don't know what you don't know. We don't expect our clients to be professional designers, web gurus or marketers because they are professionals in their own business. That's why we're here, we can educate and advise on the solutions that will deliver the desired outcomes. There is a process for delivering solutions, it's a journey we go on and we're happy to share as much or as little as our clients want.

Deliver results

Talk to us about what you want to achieve; is it an online shop that delivers 80% of your sales revenue? A kick-ass print campaign that launches your new product? An e-marketing campaign that up-sells to existing customers? We're here to help you reach your business goals and deliver measurable results.

Impress you

The team at Brighter strive to impress everyone, including our clients. We're ambitious and driven to be the best. There's no ego, it's just about generating work that our clients love. When we impress you, your business impresses everyone else.

Contribute to our community

We are a small team of creatives from NZ and overseas who love living on the Hibiscus Coast. We contribute to the success of local businesses which helps growth across the district. As Rodney residents we're connected to our community and it’s success is our success. We pick one community project at a time and donate our services for free to help them progress – keep an eye on our announcements to see who we are working with.

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Award winning

award-winning capaign Creative Director, Phil Roberts (far right) collects the cheque for his award-winning campaign for Brook London in the Sappi Ideas That Matter competition 2004.