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Brand building

When marketing your business most of the decisions we are trying to influence are brand decisions. When people choose between banks, beers, cars or airlines, they are choosing between different brands.

They can have strong positive or negative feelings towards brands for reasons which are personal, historical, experiential or random. Everything a brand has done may contribute to their associations with it. These associations (many of which are unconscious) will influence their decision to accept or reject it.

It is our job to help our clients build positive associations for their brands so customers choose them more often and stay loyal.

How we build successful brands

When building your brand our approach is as follows:

  • Brand strategy: we hold several brand workshops (usually 2 x 2hr sessions) in which we discuss your business vision, your goals, your history, your customers and come to know all there is to know about your business and where it's going. We then formulate a plan and develop powerful results-driven strategies that clarify where you want to go and what you need to do to get there.

  • Brand identity: your identity is more than just your logo, it tells your story and it's unique to you. Before developing your identity, we take all we have learned about your business and look at what makes your customers tick, what they respond to and what graphic treatments and styles best convey your company's personality. It is this in-depth process that yields the most relevant and appropriate designs that can engage customers subconsciously on an emotional level.

  • Brand expression we make sure your brand looks good and works hard. Good design means nothing if it's not getting results. Our tools bring your brand to life for your customers by helping communicate your brand at every level.

What’s a brand workshop?

All our team have experience working in advertising agencies and building big name brands. We employ the same techniques and process to lay strong foundations for your brand, analyse your market and maximise the opportunities. They'll be no weird role playing or pseudo-science, just frank discussions which help clarify what you're about and what you're trying to achieve.

Developing the roadmap

Once the workshops are complete, we'll go away and formulate a brand plan for your business. You'll receive a 15-20 page report on our analysis, conclusions and recommended courses of action for your business.

This will include:

  • brand values
  • brand personality
  • brand onion
  • positioning statement
  • target customer profile
  • analysis of your competitors
  • SWOT analysis

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