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Announcing: a new type of graphic design internship

How you can get real life design agency experience and have actual live work from proper clients in your portfolio.

Right now, heaps of students are trying to hook-up some kind of work experience over the summer but it's really tough. Most design/advertising agencies are reluctant because they have to find you something do and then babysit you while they try to run their business aswell. 

From Brighter’s point view this is also the case but I think we might have a solution: you bring us the work and you can be the lead designer on the job.

Start with your existing networks

You know heaps of people: friends, relatives, friends of relatives, relatives of friends, friends of friends...er, anyway lots of these folks will be in business and may have a need for a new website, a better logo, some brand strategy, a decent brochure, press ads, Social Media stuff, anything. So the deal is: you bring them to us and you'll be included project. On the way you'll learn about:


  • tickSales processes
  • tickQuoting
  • tickProfessional Practice
  • tickScheduling
  • tickDealing with clients
  • tickOther real world things you might not get taught at Uni

All the while, I'll be mentoring you and guiding your creative process for the best outcome for you and the client.

The money side of things will be decided on a job-by-job basis and be dependent on the size of the project that you bring to us. If it is a big job obviously we can pay you more than a small one. There is no limit to the number of jobs you bring in.

This is a pilot project. If it works well we hope to make it a regular thing.

But I don’t know anyone

Sure you do. If you are a student or recent graduate you'll know plenty of people. What you need are some tools to determine whether they are a good prospect or not.

As you've probably never had a "sales conversation" with a potential client, we will provide tools and strategies for how to go about this. Consider it your first lesson in sales.

Download these tools after registration.

Sooner or later we all have to learn about getting new business. Even if you don't find any work for this intership, you'll learn key strategies that you can use to win business in the future.

There’s plenty to learn and nothing to lose

Signup for this internship

Yeah, I'm totally into that that idea. Put me on the list and I'll look forward to receiving the tips and tools for how to get real client jobs in my portfolio and some decent work experience this summer.

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