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Being rejected for graphic design jobs due to lack of experience?

What exactly can you do to get your foot in the door of a massively competitive industry?

If you are a graduate who's struggling to find a graphic design job, its a long and tough road.

Every year there are many thousands of graduates but only a few hundred jobs. The competition is massive and the chances of you landing a design job are slim.

So, what can you do to stand out? How do you get past the experience catch-22 (no experience so can't get a job but only a job can give you the experience). How have other people cracked it?

Introducing How to Get Your First Job in Graphic Design

Introducing How to Get Your First Job in Graphic Design

Even today's leading designers were graduates once. They faced the same challenges you do right now. Somehow they overcame them forged a career in the design industry.

This 37 page e-book gives you first hand accounts from real designers from all over the world on exactly how they landed their first job.

Additionally, you’ll find it jam packed with tips and advice to help you secure your very first foothold in what you’ll know is a highly competitive industry.

Most graduates have no idea about what to say and do to give them the edge. This e-book reveals little known truths about the industry and you'll discover exactly what you can do to get your first break.

Written by a Creative Director with 15 years experience in the graphic design industry and 4 years as a tutor at Media Design School and Massey University School of Design, this book ensures you the design graduate get the crucial real world knowledge to ensure you succeed.

“Thank you for providing this resource, us design graduates need all the help we can get to edge our way into the industry.”

Meisha Graham, AUT Graphic Design graduate 2011

What exactly is in this book and how it can help you

  • tick5 things about the Design Industry they don't teach you at University
  • tick16 accounts from designers describing how they landed their first job
  • tickDetailed insider tips and little known ways to get into the design industry
  • tickWhat Should be in your Portfolio - and what you should throw out
  • tickThe Case for Employing You - powerful strategies to convince employers
  • tick16 Frequently Asked Questions about jobs and job hunting
  • tick5 ways to make money (and keep making it) without even getting a job
  • tickWhat Recruitment Agencies really think of graduates.

What questions are answered in the FAQ?

All the ones that you need as a design graduate or newbie graphic designer. Questions around jobs, freelancing costing and projects. Questions like:

  • What should I put in my portfolio?
  • Should I take the first job I'm offered?
  • I've been asked to design a logo, how much should I charge?
  • What happens if the client hates what I've done?
  • What do I do if the client doesn't want to pay me?

Who should buy this book?

This book is vital reading for recent graduates of:

  • Graphic Design
  • Web Design
  • Digital Media
  • Advertising
  • Marketing

“Nobody at Uni ever told me this stuff! Heaps of honest, practical advice, really invaluable stuff – all for the price of a box of beer.”

Adam Dowling, University of Waikato graduate 2011

Important reasons why you shouldn’t delay

#1: Keep ahead of the competition

Chances are hundreds of other graduates are trying everything they to get that job. Keep ahead and reap the rewards!

#2: Up-to-date information

The graphic design and web design industry is constantly changing and evolving. When you buy How to Get Your First Job in Graphic Design, you can be sure that you’re always receiving the most up-to-date edition. (Yes, we revise it!)

#3: There’s no risk

How to Get Your First Job in Graphic Design is 100% guaranteed for 14 days. So take your time to read through the information. And if it isn’t right for you, just send us an email and we’ll happily refund your money in full.

Useful Goodies for Designers

Bonus #1: a self-protecting resource for all graphic designers and web designers

So many designers get screwed by clients because the designers didn't have Terms and Conditions of Business in place. Without these you are vulnerable and have no legal recourse when things go sour. Get this Terms and Conditions document free when you buy. We know they are solid, they are adapted from our own T&Cs.

Bonus #2: Contact details of 36 top Auckland design agencies

For a limited time, when you buy this e-book you'll also receive the details of 36 top Auckland design and advertising agencies.

A single resource to assist your job hunting - complete with company website, the relevant contact name (design director or creative director), their email and phone number.

Yes, you could spend hours on Google making your own list but now you don't have to - we've done the hard yards for you!

How to get your first graphic design job

Purchase today for only $23.00 NZD

NOW JUST $23.00 NZD!

As a graduate I spent 5 months without a job, it sucked

I'll never forget the frustration I felt being rejected time after time for graphic design jobs. "No relevant experience" they said. It hurt but it was true. But how was I going to get that experience without someone giving me a job?

After guiding hundreds of students in my role as a graphic design tutor and drawing upon 15 years experience in the industry, I wrote this book so you don't have the gruelling experience I did.

Phil Roberts, Creative Director  signature

Phil Roberts, MA, BA (Hons)
Creative Director, Brighter Design Ltd

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“I was a bit sceptical about this e-book but bought it anyway. Now I’m happy I did as its proved to be a very worthwhile purchase.”

"As a recent graduate, I was a bit sceptical about this e-book. I wasn't sure it would tell me anything that I didn’t already know about landing a job in the industry. But, as it was cheaper than the average box of beer, (and waaay cheaper than the $100 text books I had to buy at Uni), I decided to take the plunge.
What I found was an easy to read, honest account of the design industry and how it works. When I was at Waikato lecturers and career advisers would often sugar-coat job prospects; but this e-book really outlines the realities of the current job market. But rather than dwelling on an otherwise bleak outlook, the author provides practical information to get yourself ahead BEFORE you graduate.
Accounts from those who are already respected in the design industry highlight the numerous avenues you can try. Some I would have never thought of and nobody at Uni ever told me. These are also reassuring in the sense that, everyone has had to struggle before finding their feet – even today's top creatives.
These informative and sometimes entertaining personal accounts from design professionals, coupled with practical advice on how stand out from the rest of the graduates, really makes this e-book a worthwhile purchase.
I reckon this is invaluable to both those still studying and recent graduates – advice from within the design industry which can easily improve your job prospects."
Adam Dowling, University of Waikato graduate 2011 (Now employed)