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website design and seo delivers for this company

NB: Onsite Engineering were bought out in 2012. It was great working with Craig, Natasha and the team for 3 years.

How this company won $18,000 of new business in just 90 days

Clear website strategy and robust Search Engine Optimisation deliver results

When we met them in 2009, Onsite Engineering were a well-established business that were looking to raise their game. Their team was growing and they were keen to tender for bigger jobs and go further afield to seek new business. Although Onsite Engineering had a website, it wasn't working as hard as it could to generate new business.

Onsite Engineering’s online goals were to:

  • raise the profile of the business
  • demonstrate their capabilities and expertise
  • improve organic Search Engine rankings
  • generate more business from online sales leads
  • increase their customer base

“A massive 2 week job in Auckland
worth $11,000”

Business owner Natasha Hallam said “We have had feedback from our customers saying that the new site is extremely professional, user-friendly, informative and really shows our company off at our best. We are thrilled with the results and as usual how easy Brighter Design have made the process.”

3 months after launch we touched base with Onsite and asked them to comment on impact of the new website on their business. Natasha told us: “We have had 6 jobs so far that I know are a direct result of the website. I also know that over the last 2 months we have had 4 others that are still waiting on confirmation. Those jobs have ranged from a $216 job to a massive 2 week job in Auckland worth $11,000.

A 220% increase in customer base and a measurable 600% ROI

Natasha went on to say “In total we have had approximately $18,000 worth of direct income from the website which is fantastic. A 600% return on our investment!”

Additionally Onsite Engineering grew their customer base by 220% over the next 9 months. “We have increased our client database from approx 150 to 330 customers. That is 180 new customers who have had jobs done by us, so we have more than doubled our customer base. WOW! That is a pretty huge result!”, said Natasha.

At last, a page 1 Google ranking

Using our 25 step process of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) we "supercharged" the Onsite Engineering website focusing on several key search phrases. 2 years on Google still returns these results:

No. 1 ranking for search term "aluminium welding auckland" out of 910,000 results.
No. 1 ranking for search term "stainless steel fabrication rodney" out of 479,000 results.

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