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Improve the number of enquiries to your website

How you’ll get more customers with better web copy

Writing effective web copy can make a substantial difference to the success of your website. If there’s a big difference between the number of website visitors and your website enquiries, the words  on your website (called the copy or body copy) simply aren't working hard enough to bring you the sale. You need selling words that spark interest and compel visitors to act. Brighter’s copywriting service will help you with this.

Is doing the copywriting for your project in the too hard basket?

Writing your own words doesn’t come naturally and finding the right way to say something is tough. Often you are too close to the subject matter to see what is important. Besides, writing information for customers is acutely different from writing compelling sales copy.

With our service you get years of copywriting expertise at your disposal. You also get the benefit of our previous experience in the advertising industry: insights, ideas and proven techniques for results. So let us take the hassle out of writing your website content.

You need good copywriting for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

As well being persuasive your content should contain keywords related to your offering. Keywords are the phrases your prospects type into Google to find a business like yours.

Keywords strategically inserted into your website text make a big difference to Search Engine Rankings. Writing SEO web copy is a fine balance: writing keywords into your content for optimal SEO while still allowing a naturally flow for your readers.

If this all sounds a bit tricky and time consuming, why not delegate the task to us.

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