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The Tranquility Project

Prior to this web project Brighter had carried out brand strategy and logo development for this client. The website was the last element in a long line of required components. As the brand originators, we already had a good sense of the brand, it's target audience and it's promise. With this knowledge we were able to quickly establish a Look and Feel aesthetic for the site: a fresh, clean and earthly mood.

Our client wanted

  • To build a community with this site at the centre
  • to allow contribution and collaboration from visitors
  • a members-only area to hold premium content
  • a way to manage capacity/attendance for webinars
  • integrate social media activity into the site

Unlike most projects the goal wasn't to stimulate sales of a product or service. It was to introduce philosophical and existential ideas, to engage a global audience and to promote discussion of these ideas. Ultimately, the goal was to become a depository of resources and information for those trying to answer the bigger questions in life.

“You have taken the time to understand me and my offering”

Our client said: “The Tranquility Project was always going to be a challenge for any branding agency – most of your competitors looked horrified at the prospect of working on the project! You have taken the time to understand a non-traditional marketplace which has great diversity and you have asked the appropriate questions to correctly capture my offering and understand me as a client.”

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